Monday, October 5, 2009

The Team arrived in Bali!

We're all here on the beautiful, busy little island of Bali. We finally got the whole team together last night for a really nice welcome dinner. I'll post some pics a bit later when I get them off the camera.

It was a lot of flying for everyone from their homes to meet in Indonesia for the trip and takes a day or two to recover. We have been enjoying morning beach runs, surfing, elephant rides, and this morning Ephi and Chris went for a climb up Mt Batur.

We are waiting a bit right now for the helicopter that we are taking to base camp to get a new part. They found a crack in the tail boom of the Bell 214 that we have contracted for our flights to Carstensz base camp, and the new part is on the way now. We hope to be flying in by the end of the week. Currently, we hope to be only about 4 days late getting started on the climb. Bali is a beautiful place for a vacation, but it's hard to relax when we are a bit anxious about getting started with the climb.

We hope to be heading to Papua soon, but in the meantime we aren't suffering too much.

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